About Us

Why City College Oxford?

CCO prides itself on its supportive community atmosphere, providing a sensitive and individual approach to any student concerns or queries. Our students achieving their personal goals is at the forefront of our objectives:

  • High quality teaching to suit all learning styles
  • Diverse staff team with excellent qualifications
  • Supportive and caring environment in and out of class
  • Great city location with fantastic cultural opportunities
  • Blended learning
  • Competitive prices


  • We recognise that our staff team is our most important asset. We recruit people who share our values and have the skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications to provide the educational experience that we want for our students.
  • We are committed to providing the best educational experience and helping our students their learning outcomes and achieve their personal goals.
  • We want students to enjoy themselves and make the most of their time at City College Oxford and the Oxford experience.

 Why Oxford?

Oxford is a beautiful city of stunning architecture, history and culture. You’ll find ancient and modern colleges, fascinating museums and galleries, and plenty of parks, gardens and green spaces in which to relax. Plus, the city centre is small enough to cover on foot, and only a few minutes walk from the main rail and coach stations.

Day to day life within Oxford is far more relaxed than that of the capital London. A safe city that promotes education as well as a vibrant student atmosphere. London is also easily accessible with the use of public transport (coach service running to London every 20 minutes)

Oxford is a beautiful and ancient city of learning that offers a great deal for international students including: 

  • Academic connections and opportunities
  • A vibrant student life
  • Historical buildings and libraries
  • Art and music
  • Parks and meadows
  • Tours to Blenheim, Stonehenge and other popular tourist destinations
  • Great links to London and Cambridge
  • Transport links to all major cities in the UK
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