Living with a host family has many benefits.

Our students say that what is most important for them is the: 

  • English language and culture: 

Our students find they learn a lot from their host family. They become more confident in speaking and understanding English outside of a classroom setting. They also learn handy tips about what goes on in Oxford and more about local English culture.

  • Caring Environment:

Our students feel looked after and cared for and that there is another family looking out for them. Occasionally students make feel homesick or culture shock and the family is there to support them. Similarly if a student feels ill they have a caring environment to rest in until they recover.

What to expect from a host family:

Students should expect warm welcome upon arrival and information about how to get to classes and around Oxford.

Generally students are allocated a single room however a shared room can be made available upon request. Breakfast and dinner will be provided during the week. There will be a communal bathroom and laundry facilities are provided by the host family.

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