OTHM diploma in Business Management at City College Oxford

Jan 14, 2019
Study Level 4 and 5 OTHM Diploma in Business Management at City College Oxford

Study Level 4 and 5 OTHM Diploma in Business Management at City College Oxford

City College Oxford has the accreditation to provide an excellent range of courses to meet the diverse needs of our international students at our college in Oxford and other schools in Africa and the Middle East . 

We are accredited to deliver OTHM courses that are high quality and recognised by universities and employers across the world. Students can be reassured that these level 4 and 5 Diploma in Business Management OTHM-accredited paper-based or online courses  are of the highest quality.

Students who successfully completed level 4 (equivalent year 1) and 5 (equivalent year 2) OTHM Diploma in Business Management will be able to enter to the Final year at one of the UK universities.

We support our students to work to gain the qualifications they want and need in order to develop themselves and make their way in the world.

Why is accreditation important?

  • It shows that we have strategic and operational management systems are properly established and effective
  • Our staff and teachers have the correct skills, knowledge and experience to deliver courses and support students to a high quality standard.
  • It provides our school leaders with validation of courses and services and supports planning for future development;
  • It provides educators with valuable professional development and information about effective practices nationally and globally;
  • It offers assurance to students, potential applicants and the public that the school provides a safe and enriching learning environment.

Just as our students want qualifications that evidence they are proficient in their chosen subject City College Oxford has provided evidence to show that we are proficient at our job too!

Come and join us City College Oxford

It is very simple to find the course you want on our website and submit an online application form.

If you live in Oxford call in and see us anytime at the College we are open every day.

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