Online University Study at City College Oxford.

Jul 18, 2020
Online University Study at City College Oxford

Online University Study at City College Oxford

At City College Oxford we believe that everyone has a right access to Higher Education. At City College Oxford we offer a wide range of online courses that meet all demands with flexible 24/7 Learning. Our courses are including MSc Project Management, MBA, MSc Accounting and Finance, BA (hons) Business Management. For more courses see our list of courses. A new career journey to study Accredited British Degrees worldwide recognised and fully approved by employers.

Save money on tuition fees

With rising tuition fees around the world, some people simply cannot afford to pay university. City College Oxford is offering opportunities to gain a prestigious Accredited British Degrees at a reduced tuition fee. 

You choose when to study

Our online courses allow students to plan study time around the rest of their day. Our students can study and work at their convenience. All our course material is always accessible online 24/7.

You choose where to study

You can study from anywhere, you only need to have access the internet, and you can study with us – meaning you can get the same degree as our campus students without having to relocate or commute.

You can study while working full time

Study with us on line, there’s no need to give up your job. Our courses are flexible, which will keep you working your fulltime job, so you don’t miss out on valuable income, work experience and career progress while you study.

We will support you 24/7

Studying at City College Oxford means you’re never alone in your studies, you can expect a first-class support services.

You can achieve your goal

Studying at City College Oxford is your unique opportunity to fulfil your dream and achieve your goals. By studying online you will show employers that you are self-motivated, can manage your own time and are dedicated to your own development.

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