OTHM diploma in Business Management at City College Oxford

Jan 14, 2019
Study Level 4 and 5 OTHM Diploma in Business Management at City College Oxford

We are accredited to deliver OTHM courses that are high quality and recognised by universities and employers across the world. Students can be reassured that these level 4 and 5 Diploma in Business Management OTHM-accredited paper-based or online courses  are of the highest quality.

Students who successfully completed level 4 (equivalent year 1) and 5 (equivalent year 2) OTHM Diploma in Business Management will be able to enter too the Final year at one of the UK universities.

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Jan 09, 2019
New  year and a new start for City College Oxford –  come and visit!

We’re preparing for the opening of our new college building. We’ve moved to a great new location in Oxford with easy transport links across city of Oxford and for London. Our new school has excellent classrooms and facilities for students and teachers. We know that everyone works better in a pleasant environment. We have a lovely, fresh and bright new school – come and visit us anytime.

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Jan 08, 2019
¿Por qué aprender inglés?

 la hora de aprender un nuevo idioma hay que tener en cuenta dos cuestiones básicas, a saber, la utilidad[1] que esa lengua nos puede reportar, y la dificultad[2] que su aprendizaje entraña. Así para un hispano-hablante tenemos varias combinaciones posibles:

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