Our Staff

Deborah McIlveen

I am committed to working with all the staff and students in City College Oxford to provide the best learning opportunities and learning outcomes for every student.

City College Oxford aims to support students to develop their potential and achieve their goals whether learning English for fun, work, business or academic purposes. I look forward to meeting new students and making their learning experience at City College Oxford as enjoyable and therefore as productive as possible.


Deborah McIlveen is a very experienced teacher, trainer and senior manager and has worked with adults, young people and children in a range of educational settings.  Deborah has delivered learning and development and training within the statutory and voluntary sectors for over twenty years.

Work includes strategic and operational management; consultancy and training; writing guidance and resources; collaborative work to improve strategic and frontline services; negotiating with employers at local and national level and cross-sector working in regeneration and arts.

Deborah has also played a lead role in developing national and local policy and practice on various equalities issues, working with government advisory groups as well as undertaking campaign and media work alongside parliamentary activity to improve legislative frameworks and, service provision.