Christmas in Oxford

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Christmas in Oxford

Christmas is celebrated in Oxford in many ways by many people.

For some it may just be a purely commercial event with shops merely trying to sell a their usual products with that ‘special Christmas sparkle’; bold Xmas advertising that starts far too early and seems to be more about making money for big business than anything to do with peace, love, Christian values or religious meaning.

Whatever your views about Christmas or whatever you choose to do for Christmas if you study, work or live in central Oxford it is impossible to avoid Christmas.

Here at City College Oxford we make sure that students have the language to understand what Christmas is about so that they can take the opportunity to join in some Christmas activities. Of course some of our students already know about Christmas because they come from countries with strong Christmas traditions. These students share their knowledge and experiences with others in their class so not only do we learn about Christmas in England but in many other countries too.  We also hear about the experiences of students from countries that do not celebrate Christmas and we hear about their special celebrations.

It is not too late to join us here at City College Oxford and improve your English by coming to our special Christmas classes. We have some places available in General English classes for beginners and also for more advanced English Language students. The Christmas Programme runs from Monday 15th to Friday 19th December. For more information please e-mail us on or call 01865 242153.

Students from City College Oxford and their teachers will be enjoying some of the special Christmas events and activities that happen in Oxford during the festive month of December.

Come and join in