English Language Courses

General English Courses

At CCO we offer a wide variety of exciting General English courses that cater for all levels as well as budgets. Depending on the intensity you wish to choose (15-25 lessons per week) you can tailor your learning to a level that you find fits you best.

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Exam Preparation Courses

Our exam preparation courses will help you feel comfortable but most importantly confident when it is time to sit the exam. 

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English for University studies (EUS) and Business English

Tailored to fit the needs of individuals who want to improve their knowledge and use of English for business situations. 5 to 10 lessons of Business English are taught every week.

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English Plus Internship

Internships are available and have the potential to be found in the following sectors: Hospitality, Adminstration ,Travel & Tourism, Hotel & Catering, Media, Marketing, and Sales. It is of paramount importance that students take a 6 week course prior to placement. It is important to note that the internships are generally only available to EEA and Swiss nations or Youth Mobility Scheme Visa holiders (Tier 5).

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Private English Lessons  

Private tailor-made courses are designed to suit students’ personal learning needs and daily routines. Individual lessons are all 60 minutes long and the content can be negotiated between student and teacher. This gives students the opportunity to work on areas that are of particular interest or concern.

There are multiple benefits to having one-one lessons but fundamentally it is the ability to boost the speed of learning by providing a coach who tailors learning materials to the interests of the student that makes a significant impact. Our private lessons are 60 minutes long / homework can be provided on request.

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Summer English Courses 

Exploring a new country and learning the native language while you’re on holiday is possible with City College Oxford. A course that is light yet effective in regards to the academic content while providing exciting sightseeing tours to make the most of your time away from home.

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Are you an au pair in Oxford? 

English Language Courses available to suit your timetable with special discount