English Language Courses Pricelist


Course Information Course Levels Timetable Course Fees Include

Course start date: Any Monday

(Tuesday if Monday is a Bank Holiday)

Classes Time : Morning or afternoon

Minimum Booking: 2 weeks

Class size: 6-12 students

Minimum age: 16 years

Registration fee: £70

Accommodation finding fee: £300

General Student Visa administration fee: £13

Express mail fee: £20

General English: Beginners to Advanced

IELTS/TOFEL preparation: Pre-intermediate to Advanced

English for University Studies: Intermediate to Advanced

Business English: Intermediate to Advance One-One lessons: all levels

Morning classes are from: 9:15 to 12:15

Afternoon Classes are from: 14:00 to 17:00

Course materials

First day placement test

CCO welcome back

Progress reports for students studying 8 weeks or more

End of course report and certificate of attendance (min. 85%)

Free standard and Wi-Fi internet access


All programmes subject to availability and minimum class numbers. If the number of student falls below this number, the number of teaching hours will also fall.

Public Holidays 2018

 We are closed on the following public holidays: 1st of January, 3rd of April, 6th of April, 4th & 25th of May and 31th of August,.25th & 28th of Decembre 2015. No refund is made for classes scheduled to take place on these days. 

Please Note

CCO reserve the right to at any moments notice raise our prices if deemed necessary. All programmes that are listed are subject to minimum class size and availability.

General English Courses

Course Name lessons per week 2-8 weeks 9-12 weeks 13-24 weeks 25+ weeks
General English 15 180 p/w 160 p/w 130 p/w 100 p/w
Intensive English 20 250 p/w 215 p/w 180 p/w 160 p/w
Super Intensive English 25 280 p/w 240 p/w 235 p/w 230 p/w
Single gender (male/female)
20 250 p/w


Throughout the course students will work with a course-book to help further improve the four essential skills - speaking, reading, listening and writing. Additional support will be provided to work on areas such as: fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. 

Exam preparation courses 

Course Name lessons per week 2-8 weeks 9-12 weeks 13-24 weeks 25+ weeks
IELTS 20 230 p/w 225 p/w 225 p/w 215 p/w
TOFEL 20 230 p/w 225 p/w 225 p/w 215 p/w


Overall there are 15 lessons worth of pure IELTS preparation with the additional options of between 5, 10 or 15 lessons of either: Grammar & Writing or Speaking & Listening or Business English or Word power per week. The minimum entry requirement is: Intermediate (B1). There is no exam fee included within this price (£160 approximately). If sitting an exam is part of your goal please contact us before booking your desired course. 

 English For University Studies (EUS) And Business English

Course Name lessons per week 2-8 weeks 9-12 weeks 13-24 weeks 25+ weeks
EUS 20 260 p/w 255 p/w 250 p/w 245 p/w


The modules that the students will study will include the following topics: listening, speaking, academic reading, writing and research skills. Through the use of authentic material students will develop their knowledge and understanding of the English language that will be required to study at university level.

English Plus Internship

£395 for any period 4-16 weeks. £475 for any period 17-24 weeks. Internships are available and have the potential to be found in the following sectors: Hospitality, Administration, Travel & Tourism, Hotel & Catering, Media, Marketing, and Sales. It is of paramount importance that students are to take a 6 week course prior to placement. It is important to note that the internships are generally only available to EEA and Swiss nations or Youth Mobility Scheme Visa holders (Tier 5). 

One-one lessons

£40 per lesson (60 minutes)