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Providing professional and specifically crafted courses for corporate companies is of great importance to us. Gaining first hand experience in the UK will give trainees the advantage of being able to understand global business from the perspective of Europe.

Corporations have the flexibility to build a package that they believe suits their trainee’s needs. Below you will be able to see the variety in business/professional courses that we provide at CCO.


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Training solutions that are commonly requested are as follows:

[greenheader]Business Management[/greenheader]

  • Improving e-Business Processes
  • Integrated Management Systems
  • Managing and building Teams and Team Cultures
  • Process Mapping and Optimising Performance
  • Protocol Management and International Relations
  • Strategic Market Penetration
  • TQM: Total Quality Management

[greenheader]Project Management[/greenheader]

  • Project Management: Scheduling, Budgeting and Optimising Delivery
  • Project Management- Budgeting and Scheduling Management
  • Project Management- Establishing the Project Management Office
  • Project Management- Negotiations and Contracts Management
  • Project Management- Risk Management

[greenheader]Engineering & Engineering Management[/greenheader]

  • Adding Value Through Process Management
  • Quality Assurance and Management

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