Living with a host family has multiple benefits, below we list a few that we believe are the most important for you to know: 

  • Practice: You will be able to practice your English with your host family to further improve overall fluency.
  • Caring Environment: If by any chance you are to suffer from feelings of homesickness or culture shock a family is there to support you through your hard times.

What to expect from your host family?

Generally you will receive a single room however a shared room will be available upon request. Breakfast and Dinner will be provided during the week. There will be a communal bathroom and laundry facilities are provided by the host family.

Accommodation Prices:

Minimum age : 16

There are three types:

  • Twin, shared bathroom, half board £130.00 GBP
  • Single room, shared bathroom, half board 165.00 GBP
  • Single room, private bathroom, half board 200.00 GBP
  • Student Hall of Residence private bathroom, 220.00 GBP